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Event Recap: #YAintheSun!

I know I say it often, but I'm really lucky to live in the city I do. There's such an amazing YA book culture here, between readers and appreciators and authors themselves, and the amount of outreach they all do is just amazing.

And it all came together at YA in the Sun!

Just a few of the authors who showed up!**
 20 (TWENTY!!) authors came out to the Encinitas Library to hang out, answer some questions, sign, and just enjoy each other's company. It was a pretty casual event, which was something I absolutely loved - it was so easy to approach the authors! Everyone was milling about the room, and all authors had on a plastic lei so you could spot them. The organizers (who happen to be some of my favourite people!) had a brilliant plan too: they handed out a sheet of paper that had a picture of a book by each author, and room for them to sign it. Anyone could go up, ask an author to sign and chat, and by the end of the day you'd have this awesome souvenir!
Obviously, I kinda failed at getting signatures, but I was having too much fun chatting with everyone! It's always wonderful to see Sarah Maas again, and every time I meet and see Marie Lu (this makes four!) I realize how much I just want to have her style and pretty much be her. She's so freakin' cute! I will still fangirl shamelessly over Kirsten Hubbard, and have to resist super hard asking Jessica Brody, Gretchen McNeil, and Leigh Bardugo what the hell they do to their hair to make it so luxurious. I'm convinced I want to hang out with Kiersten White pretty much all day every day, and I'm not convinced Josie Angelini isn't a model.

A sampling of the room! I can spot 10 authors - can you?**
They had three signing sessions spaced about a half hour apart, where six or so authors would be at tables and answer a few fan questions first, then anyone who had books could wait in line and get things signed and gather some swag. Also spaced throughout the day were some truly epic giveaways; all the authors donated books or various swag, and there were some grouped together or individual books given away. They also had a candy bar and a pet rock making station (I forgot mine at the event! So sad to leave Spikey Joe there :() and a design-your-own-bookmark area, as well as a hilarious photobooth with tons of dress up items.
The giveaway table! These were all the prizes handed out throughout the day.**
I have to say, this was one of my favourite book events I've ever been to - everyone was just so approachable and nice. Plus, despite a lot of rain the previous days, it was actually sunny! The Encinitas Library is my favourite library in the world - it sits atop a hill less than half a mile from the ocean and has a huge patio and view of the Pacific - and it was amazing to be there with all these other people who share my love for YA books.
Always love seeing them!**
Stephanie Diaz, myself, and Amy Tintera (REBOOT, coming from HarperTeen in May '13!)
And ok, I may have loved it too because I won a giveaway! I was NOT expecting to - there were so many people in attendance and only a few prize packs, plus I'm friends with a lot of the organizers and authors so I was like no, I can't do that...

But then they called my number, and I saw the pack, and...yeah. A tiny scream may have happened.
Why yes, that is an ARC of Let the Sky Fall! You can bet your buttons I hugged that thing to me tight the second it came out of the bag! (And I actually read it the moment I could - and trust me guys, it's PHENOMENAL.) Also in the pack:
I so don't do famous by Barrie Summy
I so don't do makeup by Barrie Summy
Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon
Ten by Gretchen McNeil
In the Path of Falling Objects by Andrew Smith
Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

My new friend Karaline also won a huge pack (with an ARC of Unremembered by Jessica Brody! Jealous!!), and my friend Natasha scored a Mila 2.0 ARC! I'm in the process of bribing her to let me borrow. I also had the pleasure of seeing my friend Mat Raney, whom I first met at ALA this past June - his indie MG came out last month (Jim Morgan and the King of Thieves), and he was wonderful and gave me the last copy he'd brought with him! I've wanted to read this for awhile (check out the awesome review it got on YA Reads!), so I'm beyond excited.
Yay! Thanks so much Mat! So good to see you again, hopefully again soon :)
But even if there weren't awesome giveaways, seriously, this was a fantastic event. It was the perfect structure to the afternoon, and the feeling of being in a room with so many people who love what you love is just...indescribable. The organizers were brilliant and incredible and I sincerely hope it can be an annual event because you can bet your booty I will be there as often as it happens!

A HUGE HUGE thank you to the organizers: Lisa Cannon, Debra Driza, Kirsten Hubbard, Nikki Katz, Shannon Messenger, Andrea Ortega, Cindy Pon (and good heavens I hope I didn't miss anyone!)
The glorious, wonderful damage.
**Event photos taken by Bryson Allen, posted to the official YA in the Sun Facebook page and used here with permission. Thank you Cindy, Kirsten and Bryson!

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  1. Alexa S.November 19, 2012 at 9:10 AM

    Oh wow, this looks AMAZING. You got to meet and mingle with a whole bunch of authors I adore (especially Sarah J. Maas, who is my fave!). Congratulations on winning the giveaway!


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