Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up + Stacking the Shelves (incl. Comic-Con books!)

ALA and Comic-Con have both come and gone, and I feel like I can finally breathe again. Both events are so consuming, and that they were within 3 weeks of each was like just enough time to finally recover from one before the madness of the next started! In any case, both were extraordinarily fun. I'll have my recap of Comic-con up hopefully next week (possibly the next one), and I'll be able to return to actual reading/commenting of blogs. Most of my posts are scheduled in advance since I've been in and out of town, and reading other blogs has all but dropped. But I promise I will get back to it!

Anyway. Haven't done a Weekly-Wrap Up in 3 weeks now, and while I will not recap everything since then, here are select posts from July you may have missed!

Cover Love + Book Trailer Badassery
featuring Debra Driza's Mila 2.0, Lisa M. Stasse's The Forsaken, and more!

Review: The Selection by Keira Cass
Aside from how much the main character annoyed the shit out of me, I liked! 4.25 Stars

ALA 2012 Recap + Notable Moments
Because once again I gush over Ned Vizzini and how he was incredibly nice to me.
(And had tons of love for fellow bloggers!)

Tune-In Tuesdays: The Teenage Years
Three songs that reminded me of three boys from my teen years! Surprisingly emotional.
Five TV shows I watched. Chumbawamba, 2ge+her, and Dawson's Creek all in one post. YOU'RE WELCOME.

TGIF: Quotes To Make You Swoon
Not kidding when I tell you I had to fan myself while making this post. Wowza. ALA books!
I'm super excited for all of these, but which do I read first?!

Coming up next week...
Blog Tour of The Age of Miracles, which includes a review and GIVEAWAY! Plus another Tune In Tuesday for my teenage years, and who knows what madness will show up then! (That photo is a hint...)

Finally, my shelves!
Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews

I did NOT expect to get any of these!
Days of Blood and Starlight (Daughter of Smoke and Bone #2) Chapter Samplers
Ended up with 2 on accident, I'll give one away soon!

Keeper of the Lost Cities ARC by Shannon Messenger

Black City ARC by Elizabeth Richards
AHHHH! I've got 4 of the 5 Penguin Breathless Reads now!

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi
and I got her to sign it after the panel, yay! I also may have a teensy girl crush on her now, too.

Legend by Marie Lu, with the exclusive Comic-con cover and signed!
I ended up with 2 so I'll give one away soon.

Rift ARC by Andrea Cremer

The Princess Present by Meg Cabot
The Perfect Christmas by Debbie Macomber
Sugar and Ice by Kate Messner
Last Christmas by Kate Brian
(I know, Christmas/winter books in July. But you'll see come September...)

The Storm Makers by Jennifer E. Smith

Reunited by Hilary Weisham Graham
(read already, really liked it!)

Crossed (Matched #2) by Ally Condie

Keeping the Castle by Patrice Kindl

The Red Pyramid (The Kane Chronicles #2) by Rick Riordan
The Serpent's Shadow (The Kane Chronicles #3) by Rick Riordan
When Serpent's Shadow came in on my hold list, I realized I didn't remember the end of Red Pyramid. Oops!

For Review
Magisterium by Jeff Hirsch, via NetGalley & Scholastic (thank you!)
I forgot to cancel this on NG because I picked up a physical ARC at ALA - do I decline, or can I still input a review if I don't use the e-galley? Anyone know?

House of Shadows by Rachel Neumeier, via Publisher and TLC Book Tours (thank you!)
For the blog tour. Look for my review and a giveaway in early August!

Lovestruck Summer by Melissa Walker
from Heather at The Flyleaf Review - thank you SO SO much Heather, I'm so excited!

What's on your shelves this week?
Leave your link and I'll hop by!


  1. Oh! Paper PagesJuly 21, 2012 at 4:40 AM

    I am dying to read Black City and Keeper of the Lost Cities. I've heard that the latter is really good.

  2. AnonymousJuly 21, 2012 at 8:35 AM

    You got LOTS of awesome books this week! I'm jealous of all the book events you get to go to! I've never gone to one, but that's the downside of living in Wisconsin :\

    Black City and Rift are two books I've been pining for, ever since I saw Black City's cover, and ever since I heard of Rift's release! Shatter Me and Legend are two of my favorite books I've read in 2012! Have you read either of them?

    Here's my Stacking the Shelves!

    Happy reading!

    -Lexi, the Literature Lion

  3. AnonymousJuly 21, 2012 at 12:20 PM

    *Cries* I want to read Black City so bad but the publishers never accepted my ARC request for it. (Personally I think it's because my blog isn't big enough so I'll probably try later.) But you got some awesome books and I LOVED Legend! :) Enjoy!

    Check out my Stacking the Shelves!

  4. LeahJuly 21, 2012 at 5:44 PM

    ♥ I can't put into words just how much I loved The Age of Miracles!

    I'm seriously slacking - I either haven't heard of those books or I haven't read the previous one of the series. :( I'm super excited for Keeper of the Lost Cities, though!

    Here's what I got!

  5. AuggieJuly 21, 2012 at 7:23 PM

    The "Red Pyramid" is fantastic. I LOVE Rick Riordan. I hope that you really enjoy that one.

    Book Gathering #11

  6. Bumbles and Fairy-TalesJuly 21, 2012 at 8:41 PM

    SO many good books here! Reunited sounds like a fun quick read! and I cannot wait to read Black City too!
    Enjoy your new reads!!!

  7. Grace FonsecaJuly 21, 2012 at 9:18 PM

    Awesome. I've never had that situation. Great selection of books you got. Black City looks awesome. Great haul.


  8. Andrea @ The Overstuffed BookcaseJuly 21, 2012 at 9:58 PM

    Such a great haul! I really want to read Keeper of the Lost Cities and Black City. I hope you love all of these!

    My StS and Giveaway

  9. TJuly 22, 2012 at 1:27 AM

    This is such an awesome haul! So many books I'm looking forward to - especially Legend by Marie Lu and Shatter Me! Enjoy them!

    My haul this week

  10. AnonymousJuly 22, 2012 at 11:59 AM

    Wow ! You got some really great books this week, Ashley. You're so lucky you got Black City and Keeper Of The Lost Cities. I'm kind of dying to read those two books ! :)
    I hope you enjoy all your books ! ;)

    Here's my haul

  11. Alison Can ReadJuly 22, 2012 at 12:05 PM

    Great set! I really want to read the Patrice Kindl book. I've heard great things about Age of Miracles.
    My Bookish Recap

  12. Shelley RomanoJuly 22, 2012 at 12:19 PM

    Hopping through! I want Black City, but, subsequent trades have fallen through :( Enjoy your week and your books!

    Shelley @

  13. GiselleJuly 23, 2012 at 5:32 AM

    Oh sweet haul! Shatter Me and Legend are lots of fun!! Black City looks awesome too!

    Xpresso Reads

  14. fakestephJuly 23, 2012 at 7:13 AM

    Ahhhh... E-mail me when you finish Keeper!


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