Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Signed In Honor giveaway WINNER!

Thanks everyone who entered my giveaway for In Honor! The lucky winner is:

Who already accepted and her shiny signed finished copy is on its way :)

I realized something though: I'm about 98% sure I'm going to the Summer Lovin' tour up in Huntington Beach next week (anyone else going?) to see Morgan Matson, Jenny Han and Jessi Kirby. Which I'm super excited for...but all the Jessi Kirby books I own (both Moonglass and In Honor) I purchased signed! So now I've been trying to figure out what I can have her sign when I meet her...just personalize and date the one I've already got? Have her sign it a second time (how awesome would that be)? Buy another one to get signed? Though I'm unemployed and basically broke, I'll probably do the latter haha. Which means I'll give away the current one I have - even though it's the one I read, it's still in great condition. Maybe I'll drop a RAK on someone...

But that all depends on me driving up to Huntington and buying another book. If I do, I'll definitely have another giveaway, so stay tuned! Even if something happens where I don't have an extra copy, I'll have another one soon (nobody told me how addictive giveaways are!) since I've got to clear out my bookshelves at home.

 Because I always end every non-review post with a question, answer me this:

What are you currently reading?
And so far, do you like it?
Happy reading!

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