Saturday, May 5, 2012

Brodi Ashton & Bree Despain Signing Recap

Mysterious Galaxy, one of San Diego's independent bookstores, celebrated their 19th Birthday today with goodies, deals and a massive signing spree of authors. Part of the celebration was the YA portion, where Brodi Ashton, author of Everneath, and Bree Despain, author of The Dark Divine trilogy, came and talked for a bit then signed.  Unfortunately, I haven't read any of the books either of them have written, but I have heard tons about them and heard great things. (I've adored Everneath for the cover for a long time...I want that dress!)
The REALLY crappy photo I took haha.
Brodi Ashton on the left, Bree Despain on the right
Because they were only given an hour, the talks were brief but still a ton of fun and lots of laughing. They introduced each other, answered questions, talked about why they write in paranormal, and then read excerpts from their books. Bree read an excerpt from The Dark Divine since anything from The Savage Grace would have been spoilery.

Bullet point recap!

  • Bree is gluten intolerant.
  • Bree is also hypoglycemic and apparently needs to eat beef often.
  • Brodi & Bree are editing partners
  • Brodi apparently has the tendency to blurt out inappropriate things.
  • Bree is the one who titled Brodi's book.
  • Everneath was originally titled Broken...then The Undernearth. They realized there is already a pretty famous literary work titled that, and Bree finally thought of the title Everneath.
  • They met because they both went to the wrong party.
  • Bree took 10 years to get published.
  • Everneath was written as a stand alone.
  • Everneath #2, titled Everbound, will feature the Underworld. Bree & Brodi spent an entire day together building and mapping the world.

And then they were incredibly awesome and chatted with everyone who were there to get books signed. I'm unfortunately poor and couldn't afford to pick up all of Bree's books, but I did grab the first one at least, and I took the copy of Everneath I already have. I got to give suggestions to Brodi about where they should go for their day-stay in San Diego, but I got super nervous haha. I hope she didn't hate any of the places if she took me up on it! Both were SUPER nice and friendly.

And they brought gifts! Guitar pick necklaces from Brodi, nail polish (adorable) from Bree!

I know they're originally from Utah so I'm not sure how often they sign around there or come out to the Coasts, but if ever a chance to meet them, go! They're tons of fun.


  1. Alexa S.May 22, 2012 at 10:23 PM

    I love Bree's books! I haven't read the last of the series yet, but I will soon :)

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