Saturday, April 21, 2012

Book Quotes: There Is No Dog by Meg Rosoff

Book Quotes are posts dedicated to the wonder of writing. There are books you read and you just know that it has pieces of wisdom within it, buried right there in the words.  Here are the ones I'm documenting. 
(***Which means that if you have NOT read this book yet, there is a potential for spoilers!)

There Is No Dog by Meg Rosoff

She thought of talking to God, her God--a benign, all-seeing sort of deity who didn't get too involved with the day-to-day running of life, but who (she imagined) liked to be kept informed--a sort of thoughtful philosophy professor of a God, passing his days in contemplation of the moral complexities of good and evil.


"Nothing," Bob said to him on any number of occasions. "You are nothing."
In his heart of hearts, Eck believed that he was nothing, for wouldn't God know about such matters?
Being nothing made him sad.


She murmurs sweet words to him and he wriggles a little, snuggling closer; the sound he makes isn't one Mr. B has ever heard before--a sigh of such perfect complexity that it rewrites everything he has imagined Bob's pet capable of feeling.


Perhaps the way to proceed is to think of life on earth as a colossal joke, a creation of such immense stupidity that the only way to live is to laugh until you think your heart will break.

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