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Review: A Million Suns by Beth Revis

A Million Suns (Across the Universe, Book 2) by Beth Revis
Razorbill (an imprint of Penguin Teen), 386 pages
Released: January 10, 2012

Godspeed was fueled by lies. Now it is ruled by chaos.

It's been three months since Amy was unplugged. The life she always knew is over. And everywhere she looks, she sees the walls of the spaceship Godspeed. But there may just be hope: Elder has assumed leadership of the ship. He's finally free to enact his vision - no more Phydus, no more lies.

But when Elder discovers shocking news about the ship, he and Amy race to discover the truth behind life on Godspeed. They must work together to unlock a puzzle that was set in motion hundreds of years earlier, unable to fight the romance that's growing between them and the chaos that threatens to tear them apart.

In book two of the Across the Universe trilogy, New York Times bestselling author Beth Revis mesmerizes us again with a brilliantly crafted mystery filled with action, suspense, romance, and deep philosophical questions. And this time it all builds to one mind-bending conclusion: They have to get off this ship.

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Notable Quote
"Because here's the simple truth--if I hadn't taken the ship off Phydus, people like Jordy and Ellemae would still be alive. And while I could say that a shorter life with feelings is better than a longer life without, the dead can't tell me their side."

**Possible spoilers, but I did my best to be vague and/or muddled enough where it would only make sense to those who read it :)

I named Across the Universe (Book 1) as one of my absolute favourite reads of 2011, and possibly one of my favourites ever.  So naturally, I was a bit scared about A Million Suns. I had high hopes and high expectations for it, as well as a general sense of what I hoped to happen in the plot - any reader knows that's a dangerous mix.  Plus, I learned the series would be a trilogy, and it's a generality that I make that book 2s tend to be...not so great.  They always seem to be more of a bridge, informative but not quite engaging.  It's like they're a set-up and nothing more.  So of course, I went into A Million Suns excited, but worried.

Well, rest assured that all my worries were COMPLETELY pointless.  A Million Suns is a fabulous book, filled with the hope and excitement and terror and breathlessness I was hoping for.  It is incredibly informative as I expect any second book in a trilogy to be, but it maintained action and forward movement.  All the questions and concerns I had after I finished Across the Universe were within the book, too, which is nice.

I did feel like it was slightly less exciting than Across the Universe, if only because I can't really pinpoint one thing from A Million Suns that really stands out to me as heart-pounding, stress-inducing terror like the Season scene in ATU.  AMS had its fair share of suspenseful moments, but it was never something that I couldn't get through.  I will admit that I felt much more sad in Book 2 than I did in ATU, though probably because I cared about the characters much more as well.

I'm also surprisingly frustrated with Amy and Elder.  I understand why she resists being with him, why she's scared and what it would mean if she admitted to loving him.  But it feels so...wasted. Like even though her reasons are fairly valid, it still seems like it's nothing that would really stop a teenage girl.  Probably because I just want them to step up already and be together and live happily ever after, but I had a distinct feeling of them not officially getting together just for the sake of keeping a reader strung along to see what would happen.  Even though I know the end, that little barrier of Orion still feels like it's there to simply make a reader question what could happen enough to ensure they'll read Book 3.  Almost like a literary manipulation, I suppose.

But that doesn't mean I still don't love the book!  I felt like I was part of Godspeed, looking at the stars and trying to take everything in, almost overwhelmed but unable to stop wanting more.  A perfect entrance into Book Three!

(But seriously, I have to wait A WHOLE YEAR for the last book?!  I don't know if I can make it. Someone give me a phydus patch and take me off when it's here, ok?)

4.5 Stars / 5

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